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Use the moon cycles to manifest through rituals and crystals




Soma Moon Ritual Kits

Spring 2024 - Eclipse Edition 


Kit Contains

 New and Full Moon Rituals

Eclipse Year Information 

Unique Moon Sticker

Black Candle Magic 

Honeysuckle & Jasmine Candle 

Copal & Charcoal Bundle 

Rune Key


Crystals included

Mookite Jasper 


Mica Cluster 

Rose Quartz Rune

Current Moon Cycle Information Included:
New Moon in Pisces - March 10th
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra - March 25th
New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries - April 8th
Full Moon in Scorpio - April 23rd
New Moon in Taurus - May 7th


for positivity, confidence & emotional healing


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