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Soma Kits offer you the opportunity to unpack a monthly “ritual-in-a-box” purposely designed to support you in. attaining your highest self. 


 Become versed in mystic symbolism while tracking your progress month to month as your goals come to life. 


Setting intentions on the new and full moons is an ancient practice known to assist in manifesting one's greatest desires.


By setting aside this sacred time, you tap into the unlimited creative realms of your subconscious while aligning with the universe. 




We combine astrology, crystals, moon information, affirmations, and meditation. When you work with Soma Kits you will become equipped with:

moon phase information

astrology knowledge 

ritual training

meditations & affirmations 

crystal, color and plant meanings

Soma Kits help you find your true path to healing by defining your goals, prioritizing your health and opening you the magic of everyday.

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