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Soma Kit Lions Gate Edition
  • Soma Kit Lions Gate Edition

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    First Edition - Red


    Soma Moon Ritual Kits  

    August 8th - August 22nd  


    Welcome to the Lion’s Gate Portal Soma Kit

    Harness the cosmic power of the moon's phases & current astrology through crystals and intention setting rituals. 


    Soma Kits offer you the opportunity to unpack a monthly “ritual-in-a-box” purposely designed to support you in attaining your highest self.  Become versed in mystic symbolism while tracking your 

     progress month to month as your goals come to life.  


    Kit Contains: 

     A detailed explanation of New and Full Moon Rituals  

    Affirmations and moon water instructions 

    Frankincense resin with coal and ceremonial candle 


    Crystals included:  

    Sunstone or Aventurine 

    Tumbled Rhodonite and Goldstone   

    for empowerment, good fortune and courage  




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