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Spring Equinox 2024 - Lunar New Year Edition
  • Spring Equinox 2024 - Lunar New Year Edition



    Kit Contains: 

    New and Full Moon Rituals 

    Spring Equinox & Lunar New Year Information 

    Wish Bottle Ritual

    White Candle Magic 

    Rosemary & Sage Candle 

    Flower Sage Bundle 


    Crystals included:  

    Quartz Moon Pendant 

    Ruby Red Aura Point 

    Rose Jasper 

    African Turquoise Bracelet 


    for clarity, stabilization and growth 


    Soma Moon Ritual Kits 

    Soma Kits are made to assist you in achieving a regular Moon Ritual practice.  Each kit provides the information and tools to perform your ritual while expanding your spiritual knowledge and understanding of the Moon cycles, astrology, crystals and more. The Moon Rituals included are standard and can be performed for any New or Full Moon.  

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